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You are wandering in space trying to find route to Mars by avoiding dangers and obstacles in its way.

Boy has entered into the world full of witches performing black magic, help him reach his world. .

Test your math skills with this Math Game.

Test your math skills with this Math Game.

Travel as far as you can without colliding with other cars in the way. Farther you go, more you score.

Burst all the similar faced Monsters in a sequence without breaking it. Minimum 3 matches required.

We have heard Ninjas are quick, but their star weapons is much quicker that them, help them collect food for their village by avoiding stars.

Ninja is on his way home, from an unknown place, help him reach home.

Piggy is hungry and has smelled chocolates, help it reach chocolate basket and do not forget to collect stars.

You have lost your way into old dark castle, help yourself to the exit by avoiding obstacles in your way.

Pot all the balls on Pool Table in minimum time.

Princess is on a mission to rescue her father from enemies. Help her in this cause to find and rescue her father.