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Latest Action Games
You are on adventurous journey, go as far as you can. Avoid the obstacles on your way and you are through.

Travel as far as you can without colliding with other cars in the way. Farther you go, more you score.

You are the robber, you need to run and evade the people and the police to make the robbery successful.

Vovan is playing garden, help him play by avoiding obstacles on his way.

You are the player,need to slow down to avoid obstacles on your way.

Try to avoid obstacles on the way and eat dots to increase scores.

Try to avoid obstacles on the way and make more scores.

Burst Planets in a sequence without breaking it. Minimum 3 matches required.

Defend earth from asteroids and small planets. Drag your spacecraft and shoot.

Try to avoid crashing with another cars.

Your mission is to crash the green block into pieces. Tap to crush and be careful the enemy.

Control a square to run as long as possible and crack a record.

Hold your finger on screen to make the stick grow. Stretch the stick in order to reach and walk on the platforms.

Tap screen to launch the pin and be careful don't hurt any bug.

The game is challenging! Mind these hidden rotary gears and pillars. Get the high score and be careful.

You have to put the balls of the same color in a series of three pieces or more to achieve the highest possible score.

You must collect coins, lives, ammunition and kill monsters, and go as far as possible!

The game has 50 levels. For each of them you can set a separate number of points to win.